03 March 2017 @ 08:58 pm
[FREE!] moar ficcyne scrause per la M3 del COW-T  
Titolo: stop
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: malinconico
Avvertimenti: missing moment, pwp, in inglese
Parole: 481
Note: COW-T, M3, prompt "inverno"

Nagisa didn’t often see Rei being angry. As in, actually angry. The ‘yelling and gesticulating’ kind of angry. Angry enough to have his face flushing.
And he’d never seen Rei being angry on behalf of him. Of Nagisa. For something Nagisa should be a lot angrier about.
“Rei-chan… calm down, it’s nothing,” he said, touching Rei’s hand quietly.
“Nagisa-kun… how can I calm down? That guy just called you a… a…”
“I don’t care,” Nagisa replied, just as calmly, with a little smile. “I don’t care for what others say about me. I’m used to it. So don’t worry, okay?”
Rei blinked, staring down at his small boyfriend with his heart feeling like it was weighing as much as a block of cement, all of a sudden.

He’d heard Nagisa recount about the bullying he’d received as a child, the way other kids had humiliated him and made him cry a lot, but for him to accept insults so casually, it must have been such a recurrent situation that Nagisa convinced himself he didn’t care anymore. But Rei knew that could not be possible. Words hurt.
“Besides,” Nagisa continued, with a smile as he looked up to the sky darkening with the winter season approaching, “it’s getting late. We should go home, now. Let’s go, Rei-chan,” he chirped with a bright smile.
But instead of just following along, Rei yanked Nagisa back, pulling him close enough that their bodies pressed together, and held him tight in his arms ignoring Nagisa’s little yelp of surprise and his breath cutting for a moment.
“Nagisa-kun, if you’re pretending to be okay, I want you to know that I’m here to listen to you, alright? You don’t have to hide from me.”

For a second, he had the impression that Nagisa’s breath had become a bit labored, but then he sensed Nagisa’s arms circling his waist.
“Okay,” Nagisa hummed, with his voice sounding like it was croaky, but only slightly. He patted Rei’s back until he was let go, and as they separated Rei spied a wet trembling glimmer in those pink eyes he loved so much. The next moment, however, Nagisa was beaming, and a giggle pushed out from his lips. “I’m glad to know I can rely on you. That means a lot, Rei-chan,” Nagisa cooed. “But really… It doesn’t hurt me anymore, they don’t deserve my attention. So don’t mind them either, alright? They’re just small people with small hearts, and I know my value.”
Rei had been noticing more and more how mature Nagisa was, really, despite his child-like behavior. But if he really was not phased by such hurtful words, then this was another layer of maturity and strength Rei hadn’t seen yet. But he relaxed his shoulders, holding Nagisa’s hand as he began walking towards home again.
“Okay,” he said, before allowing their conversation about history to resume again.

Titolo: hold
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Sousuke/Rin
Genere: fluff
Parole: 163
Avvertimenti: pwp, in inglese
Note: prompt "estate"

It takes Sousuke a while to understand. It started out with Rin draping himself across his body, with enough of an indifferent air to look like he’d done it on accident, like he was not preventing Sousuke from moving. But that was fine. It’s not like he needed to stand up any time soon. It’s not like when Rin gets touchy-feely in the middle of summer. This is manageable.
Then Rin moved and kept moving, sticking his back closer to Sousuke’s stomach and chest, and nuzzling into him - but still with that colorless air, like he was trying to ignore himself getting cozy against Sousuke.
“Yo, Rin. Do you wanna cuddle?” Sousuke finally asks, diving his fingers through Rin’s maroon hair, and the other male whips his head around to look at him, finally, before moving quickly and straddling Sousuke’s lap, then hugging him.
“Yes,” he says, almost grumbling.
Sousuke sighs, lacing his arms around him.
“You could’ve told me, you know,” he says with a smirk.
“... Shut up.”
Sousuke can’t help it, when he giggles.

Titolo: confess
Fandom: Free!
Pairing: Nagisa/Sousuke
Genere: commedia
Avvertimento: in inglese, pwp, future fic
Parole: 357
Note: prompt "primavera"

Nagisa’s voice sounds so sweet and innocent. And those are his basic defining traits, but this time his tone is a bit too sugar-coated for Sousuke to ignore the suspicion flashing in his head.
“What.” He says, with his hands steady on the wheel as he drives. He’s been driving for two hours now, and they’ve seen the countryside melt into cityscapes a few times.
“Promise you won’t get mad at me?”
There it is. Sousuke’s hands brace on the wheel.
“I can’t promise, but I can try not getting mad.”
It takes a few seconds of silence before Nagisa finally speaks, as he looks ahead to avoid meeting Sousuke’s eyes.
“Okay. Well... I may have forgotten the gas on...”
Silence falls like a brick on both of them, and Sousuke’s mouth keeps shut tight before he slows down and parks on the roadside, before he turns around to look at Nagisa with the coldest look of his whole life, even though it’s a warm spring day.
“You’re telling me we’re going on a road trip that will last for a whole week, give or take, and that you left the gas on after I specifically told you ten times to check everything was alright before we left?” He asks, with signs of his frustration gradually showing clearer and clearer.
“You said you wouldn’t get mad...” Nagisa chirps, flapping his eyelashes with a little shy smile.
Sousuke rubs his eyelids, and sighs before turning the engine on again.
“Well, you’re going to call our neighbors and tell them to check, then,” Sousuke says, throwing a glare in Nagisa’s direction. “I cannot believe you.”
“I was just happy to go on vacation with you...” Nagisa whines, nuzzling his head into Sousuke’s arm. “Anyway I will,” he adds, whipping his phone out.
Sousuke looks ahead at the road, shaking his head with a sigh.
“You know, sometimes I regret listening to Rin when he told me to give you a chance...”
“But you do love me, isn’t it, Sou-chan?” Nagisa sings, while waiting for their neighbor to pick up.
Sousuke grumbles, annoyed. But he really can’t deny that.