06 March 2017 @ 07:18 pm
[FREE!] shut me up  
Titolo: shut me up
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Sousuke/Momo
Genere: commedia, fluff
Avvertimenti: pwp, in inglese
Parole: 300
Note: m3, tema libero.

Yes, Sousuke is rather used to Momo hanging from his arm, bouncing around him, or talking his ear off. Sousuke is used to Momo's loud exploding energy, to patiently standing there and allowing the smaller boy to be as much as noisy as he needs to be, but sometimes there are limits.
And Momo definitely stepped above the line when he started screeching while Sousuke was lying on his bed with a throbbing headache, yelling over the music.
Which is when the older male finally glared at him and decided to hop off the bed, to put an end to it. Momo realized he was probably in trouble when he looked at Sousuke's frown and his eyes flashing, then somehow found himself trapped against the door.
"Soucchi, what is going on?"
Sousuke never complains about his boyfriend being loud. That's who he is, and admittedly it brings joy and life to the dorms' life. But today, Sousuke really needs him to be quiet.
So he rests his hands on Momo's shoulders, then presses him against the door.
"Momo, shut up," he growls, and then leans in for a long, deep kiss, while his hand slides under Momo's red cotton shirt, touching his sides, pressing his lips hard and firm onto Momo's mouth until every little vibration in the younger's voice fades between their mouths, replaced by small appreciative hums and a little smile appearing on Momo's lips.
"Wow, Soucchi, you could just tell me I was bothering you, he giggles, before pushing back. The boy might be small, but he does have some pretty remarkable strength in his arms.
Sousuke smirks, noticing his proximity did cause certain effects in the other, but he goes lying back on the mattress, satisfied.
Kissing Momo is his favorite method to shut him up.