Titolo: some nights
Fandom: Originale (Andrea!verse)
Personaggi: Andrea, Isabella
Genere: commedia
Avvertimenti: in inglese, gen
Parole: 300
Note: as usual - COW-T, sesta settimana, M3, tema libero.

She wakes up to the sound of repeated slamming. Isabella cracks her eyes open, touching around her bedside table.
Fuck Apple,” Andrea is muttering, while rummaging through drawers and slamming them. “Fuck Apple, fuck iPhones- why didn’t we just fucking stay in our caves and jerk off instead of inventing technologies?? Fuck this shit, fuck Apple for their fucking tech that works only on their shit and fuck humanity for giving into this capitalistic bullshit!” He goes on ranting, louder, slamming another drawer and standing there frustrated.
“Is there an update?” Isabella slurs out for some reason, blinking against her phone’s blue light, and her eyes blow wide when she reads the time.
“No,” Andrea grunts. “It’s this fucking thing,” he goes on, waving nervously his iPhone in the air, with its screen all cracked and various dents on the corner. That thing saw some shit in its lifetime. He points at the hole on the underside of the phone.
"The charger. You lost the charger,“ Isabella sighs, rubbing her eyes. "I swear to god, of all the times you could be going around looking for a fucking charger and ranting about capitalism, you chose fucking four AM?” She croaks, sitting up to look at him from the bottom bunk in their bedroom.
“Yeah, and tomorrow I got a test,” he explains, and then snaps again. “Where the shit is that motherfucker?!”
Isabella takes a deep breath. In a normal situation, as in during the day, she would even help him. But now, she really has no patience for this. “GO. BACK. TO. BED.”
Andrea looks at her, blinking at her angry mom tone.
“Okay, fine,” he finally mutters, conciliating. “Geez.”
Isabella looks at him bounce back on his bed, and waits a few seconds before closing her eyes again.

Titolo: Conditioned
Fandom: Harry Potter » Animali Fantastici e Dove Trovarli
Personaggi: implied Credence Barebone/Percival Graves
Genere: angst
Avvertimenti: missing moment, in inglese, molto probabilmente out of canon ma sticazzi, non ho voglia di rivedermi l'intero film per sapere se tutti i fatti quadrano lol
Parole: 200
Note: M3, tema libero. Ho inventato roba di sana pianta e c'è un riferimento a una delle Gravence della Mika :DDD

La prima cosa che Credence ricorda, fra la nebbia nella sua mente e quello che ha deciso di non ricordare, è il tocco di un pollice che traccia le sue labbra, cancellando tutto il male e le lacrime dei giorni passati.
Ricorda di avere alzato lo sguardo, quella volta. Ricorda di aver incontrato con gli occhi quelli del Signor Graves che lo guardava in silenzio, a lungo, prima di spostare la mano, scompigliargli i capelli e dire qualcosa con un lieve sorriso. Credence non ricorda di cosa si trattasse. Solo calore nel suo petto.
Lo chiamano un cane, un rifiuto, ma quando si tocca il labbro, Credence sorride rammentandosi della felicità. Persino le cinghiate smettono di fare male.
E si tocca il labbro anche a casa, oggi, dopo che il suo Signor Graves se n'è andato. Si morde le mani, più e più volte, senza accorgersi di star dondolando. Stringe le ginocchia al petto, e si accarezza il labbro proprio come aveva fatto il Signor Graves ma non le ricorda, le parole che l'avevano fatto così felice.
Fa scorrere il proprio pollice sul labbro e piange, di nuovo solo in un angolo della città, dove una speranza non esiste più.

Titolo: Delightful pains
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: romantico
Avvertimenti: ooc, in inglese, pwp
Parole: 200
Note: M3, tema libero blah blah.

Rei didn't think he'd enjoy role playing, when being intimate with Nagisa. There's a sense of indecency to them, and that is where the excitement comes from, knowing he should not be allowed to hear Nagisa whine in such a way, but getting to torture him delightfully anyway.
But there is also a deep fascination with Nagisa turning into someone else for an evening, acting out Rei's fantasies, being the one to say and do things that would make his stomach churn in any other situation, and sometimes accepting to feel the lightest throb of pain in his chest, even when he knows it's all a game. He should get better, at knowing that nothing Rei says or does when they play is real. And he smiles to hide it, he trots around and giggles swatting the thought away, but Rei knows it's there.
It took Rei a while to be comfortable with inflicting that kind of pain, after debating on whether they should redefine boundaries. But there's no better and sicker joy than getting to comfort Nagisa after knowing he was in pain, in cradling and kissing him to make it alright again. Or at least to try to.

ORIGINALE, F/F, pwp/in inglese, NSFW, 100 parole
It buzzes quietly inside. Vivian bites her lip, hard, with her legs spread as she lies on her back, and Reagan gently slides a vibrator in and out of her, teasing her as she struggles with her wrists tied up. "R-Reagan..." Vivian whines, with a small sob. Reagan has been using that vibrator on her for at least twenty minutes now, licking her clit lightly and stopping every time Vivian began tensing up. Her body shakes, spent.
And then it's coming, it's coming... then it goes away.
"Reagan!" She cries out, but she receives no response.
It just goes on.

FREE!, Nagisa, Momo, gen, SAFE, 100 parole
This is not what Momo had planned for his popcorn. He'd planned to shove his hand in the bowl, through the delicious soft balls, and fill his mouth with them over and over. He'd planned to eat all of them, alone, enjoying their taste. He'd planned to spend the evening eating his beloved popcorn and then lie down enjoying the sensation of being full, but somehow that plan was crushed. Because Nagisa is sitting on his sofa, grabbing handfuls of popcorn, and throwing them into his own mouth.
There's a sense of deep sadness within Momo. One he'll never forget.
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