09 March 2017 @ 03:40 pm
Titolo: the one where pup!Sousuke gets lost
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Haruka, Rei, Nagisa, Momo, Rin, Sousuke, menzione di Aiichirou e Makoto
Genere: commedia, fluff
Avvertimenti: puppies!AU, gen
Parole: 1519
Note: COW-T, sesta settimana, M2, prompt "animals!AU".

The house is quite peaceful, today. Rei managed to keep Nagisa the Pomeranian busy and quiet, given the smaller pup's tendency to bark non-stop, and Haru the black cat was particularly lazy so he did not wander around the house toppling stuff on the shelves and didn't have manic episodes of speeding around for no reason. Yet.
Makoto even managed getting some work stuff done, by the way, which granted his pets lots of cuddles and treats, and Haru was just thinking he really would not mind spending every day like this, napping and brushing his face against Makoto's hands and legs and watching the shenanigans Rei and Nagisa are always up to.
The house was quite peaceful, because as soon as Haru plops down under a stripe of warm spring sun filtering through from east, someone starts barking right in his face, from the other side of the window, in their neighbor's territory.
"Haru! Haru, get up!" It's Rin, their Dobermann friend, and he looks alarmed. Haru's eyes open just slightly but not one other part of his body moves a bit. "Haru! I can't find Sousuke, is he there?"
Haru sighs, closing his eyes again, too comfortable in his stripe of sun to get up and do anything. Besides, someone will come- yep.

Nagisa's arrival is announced by the bell attached to his collar, ringing as he runs, and he jumps on the windowsill from the sofa and a chair.
"Hi, Rin-chan! What's up? Did you say Sou-chan? What's up with Sou-chan?" He yips, alarmed, and Haru glares at him impatient, but still won't move.
Rin looks over at Nagisa, and then at Rei the Collie as he saunters and sits properly next to Nagisa. Rei sounds more reliable in this emergency.
"What do you mean, you can't find Sousuke?" Rei asks, tilting his head. "Could it be that Aiichirou-san just took him to the vet?"
"No, Ai's car is here, so that can't be," Rin replies, in a whine. "What if something happened to him? What if he jumped out the railing and crossed the street and-"
"Oh, don't be so dramatic," Haru groans. "He probably took a dump somewhere in your garden and got lost."
That would be a perfectly valid hypothesis, to be honest, but Rin scoffs looking away. As if he'd ever agree with that irritating cat!
"So, are you gonna help me?" He finally asks, and Nagisa yips immediately, "yup! Wait," he says, jumping down from the windowsill and trotting to the pet door, before stuffing himself through a hidden small hole in the enclosure separating Makoto's and Aiichirou's gardens, and then he runs up to Rin with his bell sounding loud and clear. Everyone else follows, coming from other ways they figured out some time ago in order to play with their neighbors. Haru too.
Makoto scolded them all many times, but it was useless, and Aiichirou seemed to not mind his three dogs playing with Makoto's pets.
Momo pops up from a bush, with a beetle in his mouth, and he immediately starts wagging as soon as he sees Nagisa, who immediately forgets everything about Sousuke to play together a bit, but a bark from Rin interrupts them and he remembers.
"Right, Sou-chan."
Rei sighs, and Haru seems amused and interested by the way his tail is moving, but he knows it'll take a while before the dogs will actually agree on what to do, so he starts grooming himself sitting on top of the bin he was observing the situation from.
"So, where do we look? Should we go outside? What are the places Sousuke could be? Did you look in the basement?" Rei starts, in a practical tone.
"We don't have a basement," Rin reminds him, "besides if he was here I would've heard him barking or toppling stuff over. Did you see how huge he is?"
"Alright, so the logical assumption is that he found a way out and got somewhere else," Rei continues, and Rin looks at him unimpressed.
"Congrats, Sherwoff, that's what I was talking about," he replies, snarky. "I was thinking about the park. He loves it there, there are always kids and he likes playing with them. But I don't know how he got out, so I was thinking maybe Haru could g-"
"No," the cat replies, dry and calm, licking his paw before resuming his toilette.
"Come on!" Rin barks, and growls up at him. "Do you ever do anything that's not about sleeping all day and licking your butthole?"
Rin growls again, frustrated, but then he sits back down, with an idea.
"I bet I could find Sousuke sooner than you, if I was able to get out there," he says, staring at the cat, whose ears twitch immediately.
"Well, then go find him," Haru replies, but now Rin has his attention and he looks straight at the Dobermann.
"I can't, hello? But you can go and wander wherever you want, so you'll go get him, yeah?" Rin asks, galvanized.
"Why should I?" Haru replies, but finally he gets on his feet, beginning to sniff the air. Nagisa, Rei and Momo, who followed the entire exchange quietly, also sniff to know what caught Haruka's attention, but there is nothing interesting in the quiet breeze, and if anything they should notice something better than him... Nagisa turns to ask Haru what's up, but he seems to have disappeared.

Sousuke is indeed at the park, and he did get there because he saw some children passing in front of the house, which made him get out somehow and follow them, but then the kids got on a car with their parents so he found himself at the park, looking around and wndering...
"Where the hell am I?"
It happened before, and every time Ai would show up eventually, to take him home. But this time it's not his human, it's that unbearable black cat that's always sitting by the window.
"What do you want?" He asks suspicious, growling a warning.
"Calm down, Rin sent me to bring you back home," Haru replies, stopping at a distance from the big German Sheperd. The two study one another for a few seconds (or better yet, Sousuke eyes at Haru suspiciously while the cat looks around with a bored air), before finally the dog decides to come along. Also because there isn't another option.
Haru says nothing while leading Sousuke all the way back, and Sousuke also keeps quiet for a while, before commenting, "I didn't know you would actually help because Rin asked."
"I didn't. There was a scent of mackerel coming from this direction but then I lost it and then I found you on accident," Haru makes sure to remark, glancing back at Sousuke.
Sousuke picks up a scent, and Haruka's trail smells like lies.

When they get back, Haru climbs over the enclosure again, casually sliding past the group of dogs and curling up on top of his bin again, closing his eyes as the puppy Sheperd sneaks inside again from a big hole hidden behind a plant, and trots towards Rin who welcomes him with a chant of happy barks.
"Sousuke! Where were you? I worried so much! Don't leave me like this again!"
"I know, I know. Sorry, Rin," he replies, calm, before Nagisa and Momo start running circles around him while Rei begins sniffing at him inquisitive.
"Interesting, you found a way out of the enclosure. And I assume you've been at the park?"
"Yeah, I was playing with some kids and then found myself there..." Sousuke begins, but Haru interrupts him as he rolls on his back under the sunlight.
"He was lost."
"Well, everybody can get lost!" Sousuke protests, and can almost hear Haru purring with satisfaction.
"I don't."
"Haru, don't be so mean!" Nagisa intervenes, bouncing around Sousuke. Haru never listens to anyone, and if someone tells him to do something he always does the opposite, but he stops poking at Sousuke right away. Nagisa might be his best friend out of the whole bunch, even though Nagisa probably considers Rei his best friend. And he's had enough fun anyway, so he stands up again and sneaks inside his house again, looking for food.
"Anyway, what's important is that you're back," Rin says, wagging his tail. "And tell Haru thank you from me," he adds, looking at Rei and Nagisa.
"Will do," Rei replies, also wagging his tail.

"Rin says thank you," Nagisa announces later, entering from the pet door with Rei and approaching Haru to curl up next to him, to take a nap all together. Haru opens an eye to look at him and acknowledge him, before closing it again, making sure to show he's indifferent to everything that just happened. Rei curls up around both of them, relaxing and grooming them a little.
But then the tip of Haruka's tail starts waving a little, and within seconds, gradually, the corner they're all curled up in starts resounding with a loud, happy purr as they wait for Makoto to come back home.
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