11 March 2017 @ 11:54 pm
[FREE! / THE ALPHA AND HIS ACE / LOGAN] e ancora ficcy sparse~  
Titolo: Until something better comes along
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Nagisa
Genere: introspettivo, malinconico
Avvertimenti: AU, gen, in inglese
Parole: 300
Note: M3
He looked over to the orange horizon, leaning on a wall surrounding the city. It was a spot for the guard to watch over the desert, and Nagisa wondered for a while whether the soldiers stationing there during the day ever felt lonely as much as he did, now, watching the dunes slowly get picked at by the wind, only to get rebuilt in another spot, endlessly.
His skin glistened with the ointments he'd spread on it, to make it shine beautiful at all times of the day, on the off chance that the Sultan might want to entertain himself with him, even though that usually occurred in the evening, before bed. He looked at it, still pale as it was the first time he'd gotten to the palace, in shackles, and a long forgotten sadness resurfaced while he contemplated the calm desert stretching ahead. Home was a place he did not even remember the colors of, let alone the smells and voices. It felt like it didn't exist anymore, in his mind - like his permanence at the Sultan's court had taken over his past, as if it had made Nagisa's childhood disappear forever.
There was no point in remembering home, not now that the Sultan had trapped him in a golden cage. There was no point in dreaming about running away, not since he had no way of knowing in which direction 'home' was. The desert was identical no matter where Nagisa looked, and it made his small existence feel so stranded. Like a dot in a giant canvas. Like there was nowhere else he could be.
But still, those moments looking at the desert made his spirit move, somehow.
The desert looked so calm and beautiful, reminding him there was a place for him, beyond those walls.

Titolo: Hurt/Comfort
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Sousuke/Nagisa
Genere: malinconico
Avvertimenti: AU, spin-off, implied major character death, deathfic, what if?, in inglese, hurt/comfort, lime
Parole: 300
Note: questa è una robina che accenno perché è da tipo un anno che volevo scrivere una what if? di Blue Lotus, White Lotus, dove però nel momento in cui Nagisa propone a Sousuke di "consolarsi" a vicenda col sesso, invece di respingerlo Sousuke accetta. Volevo scrivere robe più lunghe, ma vbb, alla fine quello che mi interessava era scrivere una scena simile, quindi amen. Pro COW-T. XD
M3, "tema libero", come al solito.
Until a few moments ago, the little room had been thick with moans and tiny whimpers, but now silence lay on it like a light cover, allowing the peace in their minds to last just for a few more seconds.
Sousuke's hands slid down the pale, bare thighs straddling his naked waist, as heavy breaths pushed between his lips while Nagisa's small weigh pressed on his chest, and the blond mane of exotic curls tickled his neck. Silence wrapped them up again, for a bit, allowing their thoughts to come back, crowding their minds again.
"Are you alright?" Sousuke finally asked, breaking the quiet, as he soothingly rubbed his hand in circles on Nagisa's back.
"Yes," Nagisa lied, his voice muffled by his lips being pressed hard against Sousuke's neck, like a kiss.
There he was again, obviously lying. The moment when he would decide to stop suffering alone could never come too soon, but it was not Sousuke's place to tell Nagisa how to grieve, especially when nothing good had ever lasted much for him. Especially when Nagisa had every reason to hate him.
Instead, Sousuke began petting Nagisa's hair, ignoring the way the small boy's body still moved on him, making his waist roll.
"I'm sorry," he murmured low, dissipating the silence again, for no explicit reason. But he would keep saying it forever, no matter how many times Nagisa would refuse to hear it.
This time he simply grunted, with his lithe body tensing up. After all, they did this exactly to not think about it...
Sousuke did not believe in this. Didn't believe in sleeping together to fuck the unhappiness away, or just push it away for a moment.
But still, he kept petting Nagisa's soft skin, humming quietly as the slave drifted back to sleep.

Titolo: Another brick in the wall
Fandom: Libri » The Alpha And His Ace
Personaggi: Aidan, uno dei coglioni che l'ha scopato prima che incontrasse Brandon
Genere: triste
Avvertimenti: prequel, in inglese, canon-compliant (Aidan è ace)
Parole: 300
Note: M3. Also, oggi ho letto il sequel di sto libro e blblblblbblblblbl <3 e quindi niente, mi è venuta voglia di parlare degli incontri dei quali Aidan parla alla fine del sequel. Ha una backstory un po' triste. Per scriverla bene avrei dovuto avere un wordcount massimo più alto, ma vbb, amen.

"Are you sure you want this?" He says. Warm spreads within me, when I hear him say that.
"Yeah. Don't worry," I reply, and lie down, legs spread.
"I'll try not to make it hurt. Okay?" He replies with a pleased smile. I know, but I brace for it. I've done this before, and the part where he prepares me for sex doesn't seem to be that painful. Better than the previous times, anyway. He checks my face for reactions, and I give him one: I smile and nod, encouraging him.
I want this. I want to see him satisfied, I want to see what his face looks like when he comes. I want him to be happy with me. And so I pull him closer, encouraging him to thrust into me. He does, immediately.
As usual, it kinda hurts. But I can get through. I can do it for him, even though I don't like this sensation much, like an entire tree was being stuffed up my ass. But while I look up at him, as pleasure fills him up, that sensation becomes less important for me, now.
When he comes inside me, he trembles and moans: It seems that he really enjoyed this.
As for me... I didn't mind.
"You liked it?"
He looks hopeful- cute, even.
But my expression drops: I know what's gonna happen, it keeps happening.
"You know how I feel about this," I repeat, blunt. "You can't convert me into loving it."
The hopes I had, at least this time, fade like a dream the moment he gives me this look... this familiar stare of disappointment. And then, he leaves.
I don't remember much else. He disappeared, just like the others. It happens every time.
But it's okay. I'm used to it by now.

Titolo: touched for the very first time
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Sousuke/Nagisa
Genere: erotico
Avvertimenti: pwp, future fic, in inglese
Parole: 300
Note: m3 e daje.

It wasn't supposed to get to this point this quickly and all of a sudden. One moment they were barely touching, having one or two dates... and now Nagisa is all over him, strongly suggesting he desires for sex.
Well, damn. Sousuke didn't come equipped for this, and it becomes painfully obvious the moment he blushes and trembles at the touch of Nagisa's lips on his neck... something so simple was enough to make him go phut.
"Are you perhaps a virgin, Sou-chan?" Nagisa asks, confused.
"So what if I am?" Sousuke replies, turning even redder. The guy was so hell bent on making Rin his first that he never bothered to explore any other option... but Nagisa instantly lights up. He's not bothered: on the contrary, a smile appears on his face, before his hands trail down Sousuke's body.
"I see. It's okay, this means more foreplay than what I planned but it's okay, because I love foreplay!" He chirps, going on his toes to kiss Sousuke, who really cannot refuse.
But then Nagisa's tongue begins tracing Sousuke's lips, touch lightly at them, and his eyes droop seductive while his waist begins rolling slowly against Sousuke's, being careful not to force the proximity. He just keeps the contacts a bare brush of his tongue, a slow roll of his hips, a light smirk as he slowly leads Sousuke backwards to the bedroom, with so much confidence it seems he's done this countless times before. Sousuke goes tense at first, confused and taken aback, but it doesn't take long before he grabs Nagisa's waist, and presses his own against it.
He's a virgin, not a child. He's had fantasies before.
And since Nagisa insisted so much, he's gonna have to be his little guinea pig, today. Not that he'll mind.

Titolo: like a fire she's ready to burn
Fandom: Marvel Movieverse » Logan
Personaggi: Laura
Genere: introspettivo
Avvertimenti: spoilers, sequel, in inglese
Parole: 200
Note: M3, tema libero.

Logan would say she became such a fine kid, Laura.
She hunts her own food, she fights fiercely, she knows how to defend the people who matter, and what matters. She saw way too much, but that is why she's ready for everything. She's seen the worst happen, so she'll never be scared again.
She's surrounded by other kids like her now, but she knows the smell of loneliness. She sniffed it on Logan, her dad, she's inhaled it in Xavier, she saw it all around her.
It feels like growing up only leads to more, more bleak loneliness and despair, and yet she sees so much hope... and right now, as a rabbit cooks over a fire, a fond smile appears on her face when she knows nobody is looking. Because it would be easy to let despair wrap her up. It would be easy to let Logan's death get to her. But she has a whole life ahead, she has people to help, there are people around her that can make her feel like she's not battling alone.
She can't let Gabriela's death become worthless. And speaking of which, she has a few people to pay visit to.