12 March 2017 @ 10:40 am
Titolo: we are loud like love
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: erotico
Avvertimenti: future fic, pwp, in inglese
Parole: 1826
Note: questa è per il COW-T, ultima settimana, M3 "coppia di prompt opposti". Qui gli opposti sono "rumore" e "silenzio". <3

Their fingers dance on each other’s naked skin, grasping, scratching. They grab and touch and brush gentle, the palm of their hands are open, ready to give and receive gentle caresses, explore each other’s bodies - so foreign and yet so warm, soft, but strong and alive. Their legs tangled, their mouths clashing hard and uncaring for paying attention… it hurts. And then there’s the noise in their heads, like a replay of the voices they heard during the day, their own voices worrying about small things along with big things, each other’s conversations buzzing incessantly because somehow their minds found something to wrap around and obsess over.

But there is no time to focus on that. Everything about Nagisa’s body hurts. The way Rei tugs on Nagisa’s hair to pull his head aside and assault his soft and tender neck with aggressive teeth, the way Rei presses down on him with each roll of his hips, grunting; the way he’s digging and hitting inside of Nagisa, rubbing against all of his walls as hard as possible while keeping their bodies connected, pressed together. Nagisa searches for Rei in despair, chirping frustration, grabs at his cheeks to keep their mouths licking and kissing and drooling against one another while their bodies sweat all sticky, warm, hungry. And honestly, if it wasn’t a moment where Rei’s thoughts and self-awareness are in a drunk, hungry daze, he would screech at how not beautiful it is to exchange bodily fluids in such a messy way. It’s not sanitary. It is just not beautiful at all.
Yet, when he gazes down at Nagisa’s pink cheeks, his red and swollen lips, his liquid eyes with big black dots taking in Rei’s face as if they wanted to suck it in, that is the only description he would use if his tongue was not tangled in an aggressive dance with Nagisa’s own. Beautiful. Absolutely marvelous. Beautiful in such a way that he cannot take his eyes off Nagisa’s hair sticking to his forehead, looking messy and disheveled; his features relaxed but tense at the same time, and that is so illogically lovely it makes him want to embrace that existence even harder if only it was possible...
But his voice is what’s makes Rei’s body warm up further. Nagisa’s voice is always so controlled, even though it often sounds squeaky and enthusiastic, like that of a small puppy constantly barking happy at seeing its owner. Even though his defining feature according to those who do not know better is complete disregard for limits and gravity. However, he does conceal and control and confine his voice, his feelings, himself quite often. He definitely does now, where adult life does not allow childish laughter at all, where his colors must pale.
But when their bodies are joined like this, his voice is lighter, his fingers even more tender than usual, his throat allows louder but gentle
and innocent sounds out free to fill the space between them. He does not modulate his voice when he can, there is simply no filter for it, it flows out like music, it is not polished by intentions or hidden thoughts. It bursts out in small, cute chirps, it trembles ever so softly when the pleasure rolls and peaks, it shakes the breath in his small chest with each shiver buzzing up his spine, and with each roll of his hips he gasps, with each time his fingers curl around Rei’s strands of hair he calls out demanding, “Rei-chan, harder.”
“Rei-cha… Rei-chan, I… Rei-chan, that’s… that feels… mmm, Rei-chan…” He babbles, incoherent.
“Does it… feel good, Nagisa-kun?” Rei asks already pleased, perhaps just slightly flaunting. But then he angles himself between Nagisa’s thighs to fuck inside him faster with their skin slapping together now, while trying to pull more sounds out of him - and Nagisa’s voice shakes again. His eyes fall closed and his mouth opens wider in a croaking, stretched out “ah!” while his legs clench desperately around Rei’s hips.

Inside of him, it is so warm and humid. The friction makes Rei sense every centimeter of Nagisa’s hot, soft, squelching insides - it is so, so tight. Clenching so hard around him it makes it almost hard for Rei to push through, to make his way in, to claim Nagisa’s body all of himself, yet that is why it almost seems like a challenge. Like that is territory he has to conquer over and over again while knowing he will win, and the moment he looks down at Nagisa again, with his glasses fogging up a little, his eyebrows crease just slightly - just a little, like when he’s focusing on something - before his mouth latches onto Nagisa’s neck without any warning. He sucks on Nagisa’s skin, ignoring the other’s weak whining while shifting again and thrusting harder, harder, with all of his power and energies channeled into each push. And while his mouth leaves a red throbbing mark on the pale, delicate skin under it, Rei’s throat does not stop rumbling, growling in between heavy breaths and soft grunts calling “Nagisa-kun”.
It feels like breaking in two, but Nagisa’s fingers grasp on Rei’s shoulders and slide down his loins to pull him closer - like that was in any way possible. His voice shakes again, breaks a little, his hips ondulate erratically now that Rei is rubbing inside so violently and brushing past his most sensitive spot, but doing so only slightly. There is no complete contact with that intimate part of Nagisa and Nagisa whines even louder when - despite his back arched almost to the point of breaking, despite his hips rotating to find an ideal angle with a particular kind of frustration - Rei only slightly grazes against that point. And it’s so close and it never really happens and Nagisa’s blood pumps hard anyway in his veins, so violent and red and scorching that it’s like his whole body is catching fire.
“Re-Rei… Rei-chan, harder… nnn... h-harder!” Nagisa pants out, and his hands without ceremonies grab Rei’s ass to push him down harder again between Nagisa’s legs, spread out obscene, delicious (and wider now) for him - only for him, always and only for him, him only and Rei knows it -, yet it seems to not happen, whatever should happen. His body pushes, moves, clenches frantically around Rei, but the stimuli never seem to be enough and Nagisa sobs, throwing his head back with a loud, whiny, long moan while Rei’s hips snap against and into him, with hard, throaty grunts now that his glasses are completely covered in condense. For a while, the only sounds in their colorful yet sober bedroom are gasps and names being breathed out, skin slapping, a bed creaking rhythmically. Rei slides his glasses from his face and almost slams them down on the mattress, before clawing at Nagisa’s thigh to spread him wider, to make him easier to access, to open him up better and if he could, he would push deeper inside but… just cannot: their bodies are already so imperfectly joined, going further would only make their bones clash. Yet Nagisa squirms under him, moves like he was attempting to escape but Rei kisses him in a demanding crash of mouths and Nagisa yelps inside of his own. But Rei eats it. He devours every muffled sound directly from Nagisa’s lips, their teeth bite and graze and their glassy eyes stare inside one another feeding off their respective love and hunger for more.

When Rei finally comes, his own eyelids fall closed despite an opposing attempt. His breath cuts when his hips stutter hard, then he finally releases his day-long frustration in his condom, inside of Nagisa’s tight and hot delicious hole. And Nagisa clenches around him willingly, to encourage him further, and he smiles tense before grabbing Rei’s hips to keep him there, to keep him still, releasing soft hums while Rei wraps his long, slender and trembling fingers around Nagisa’s cock; he pumps around it aided by the bit of precum on its top, slick and warm and thick. And then he slides out Nagisa’s body little by little, while the other’s magenta eyes flutter close peacefully before his lips let out a little sob and then his hips jump, then tense, while he climaxes as well with his lip now trapped between his own teeth... then finally his back relaxes down on the mattress again. Nagisa’s sigh speaks of relief, his fast breaths sound tired, but full, heavy in a liberating way. Rei trembles, exhausted, before collapsing on Nagisa with a choked groan coming from the latter, and then slowly rolls off the small body beneath him with a long sigh, wiping the sweat off his forehead as another exhale puffs out from Nagisa’s mouth.
“Rei-chan… that was so–”
“Tiring,” Rei completes, rubbing his eyelids, but a giggle sounds next to his ear.
“I meant ‘awesome’, Rei-chan,” Nagisa hums, wiping his face with the back of his wrist before closing his eyes again to allow his body to relax and his mind to become clear again.
It often happens like this, when Rei comes back to their flat after another long university day, and when both of them finish studying it’s like their mind stretched so much and they missed each other so irresistibly during the day, it makes the last barrier to any concept of modesty and restraint crumble in a trail of moans and touches and kisses dancing on each other’s skin.
Rei opens his eyes just slightly, turning his head to look at Nagisa’s mature yet still soft face, and lifts a finger to brush against the other’s cheek gently, before his lips lazily curl in a little smile.
“Mmmh. Yes, it was indeed. It always is with you,” he mumbles, eliciting a giggle from between Nagisa’s teeth.
Nagisa hums, all of a sudden too exhausted to make any kind of small talk. His favorite thing to do in these moments is wrapping an arm around Rei’s body - it always feels so safe, it feels like home and sometimes, if he tries really hard, it’s like he can sense the sea breeze blowing gently through his hair like when the two of them swam together in summer and kissed on the beach, still hasty yet sweet. And then nestle against him, lulled by the peculiar sound of their breaths’ syncopated rhythm.
Rei’s fingers pet gently through Nagisa’s blond, fluffy curls, his eyes tired but tender, looking at the other gradually fall asleep at his side before curling up around Nagisa in turn, and petting his hair in a gesture that always seems to soothe himself so well, before finally closing his eyes and letting the drowsiness wrap him up. Soon after, the two men slowly join their fingers together, sighing satisfied in their sleep, finally enjoying the silence around them, and within them.

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