19 March 2017 @ 10:15 pm
Titolo: Of games and burning eyes
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rin/Nagisa
Genere: erotico, fluff (alla fine)
Avvertimenti: rapeplay, in inglese, pwp
Parole: 1280
Note: COW-T, missione 1, "cristallo".

“I have treated you well, haven’t I?” The Sultan hums from his throne of pillows, looking relaxed at his servant’s moving hips and his paler, sweaty back with fresh scars shining all over it, burning cuts on his skin from a few nights ago.
He turns around, and the jewelry he wears dings lightly as a constant reminder of the beautiful, crystal cage he’s locked in.
“You did, your majesty,” he replies, with a smile as reassuring as a lie. “I am so very lucky to live here with you.” But there is sadness in his voice, and he is not even trying to hide it anymore. He’s not lying- he’s heard stories about others like him ending up in way worse predicaments, sometimes mutilated for no other reason than it was amusing to hear them scream- but how does a servant bound to his master delude himself into thinking he’s living the best life he can possibly have, when he tasted the thrill of happiness and freedom, and now knows those things are out there?
The Sultan eyes him suspiciously, while the servant keeps dancing and his bracelets keep jingling with every move of his arms. The crystals around his waist wink at him, inviting.
"That's bullshit and I know it, Nagisa," the Sultan says, propping himself back against more pillows as his eyes scour Nagisa's body slowly, drinking the sight in.
"I was taught to say that," Nagisa points out, looking back from over his shoulder at the young reigning Sultan, with a wider smile stretched across his face. "Everything I do and say is to please you, your majesty. Whether I mean it or not is not important, is it?"
Paired up with his attempted escape, it sounds like the less sincere thing the Sultan's ever heard. And it's irritating, but he also cannot blame Nagisa for hiding behind an obvious lie. That's what everybody does. He grew up like this.
But there's an impertinent, sarcastic even, note in Nagisa's voice that rings wrong. He looks at the dancer, follows his hips swaying, and clenches his jaw.
"Why did you run away, the other day?" He asks, looking at Nagisa's hypnotizing moves again. The blond servant does not stop dancing, but he blinks heavily with his face turned away, surprised to hear it.
"I suppose I tried escaping for the same reason why convicts try to escape from prison," he eventually replies, biting his tongue just a moment too late.
The Sultan's eyes narrow into slits, before he stands up again and covers the distance with a few steps, grabbing one of Nagisa's wrists.
"I don't like this tone," he hisses, twisting the servant's hand until it becomes painful and he lets out a sharp whine. "You should know that..." his other arm wraps around Nagisa's body and his fingers roam in circles touching the navel area, and his eyes flash towards the entrance, before he gives the guards a nod signaling them that they should leave and close the door. "...That you cannot just do that. You can't leave, not without my permission. You belong to me."
"Y-yes, your majesty... you are right, your majesty," Nagisa whispers, trembling in fear now. Pressing his lips against Nagisa's neck, the Sultan can sense it, can feel it- the faint flutter of his servant's heart pulsating.
"Keep dancing," the Sultan whispers, palming Nagisa's body with his hand sliding down and letting go of his wrist, pulling him closer to himself. "Keep dancing the way you do."
Nagisa does, slowly, without music, only by following the pulse of his frightened heart- out of rhythm.
"Good. And if you try running again, I will have you and that guard you like so much killed," the Sultan adds in a whisper, sliding his words right into Nagisa's ear and sensing the shiver of horror that shoots up the servant's spine. His body slumps a little, in defeat, and his cheeks flare red while tears show up to the corners of his eyes, but Nagisa keeps dancing away, following the dull sound of his own heart.
Silence fills the emptiness for a few minutes, while Nagisa dances into the Sultan's arms, until the other's hands grip at his hips as he growls, "strip."
Shivers ran up and down Nagisa's body until then, and he finally lets out a sigh, with a nod- he expected it.
"Yes, your majesty," he murmurs, while the arms around his body let go of him briefly to allow the Sultan to take a step back and watch while the light clothes unwrap from Nagisa's body and are left dropping on the floor, revealing the full picture of all the scars- old and new- that Nagisa received. The Sultan comes closer again, brushing his fingertips along the most prominent ones, with a soft sigh.
"You know I don't like punishing you, do you?" He asks, pressing a kiss to Nagisa's shoulder and feeling the tremble under his lips.
"I know," Nagisa replies, flat.
"Good. Then next time behave, alright?" He whispers, and then turns the smaller boy's body around, watching his expression twisted in fear and silent crying. "Oh, no, don't cry," the Sultan says, thumbing at the tears and grabbing Nagisa's wrists, before tugging him to the pile of pillows and then pushing him down on it. Then he unties his belt, and takes off his heavy kaftan in almost a single move. Nagisa looks up at him spreading his legs while closing his eyes, before the figure towering on him finally bends down to cover and consume him.
"...Nagisa, you know your safe word, right?"
Rin's eyes glimmer with concern, intense enough to interrupt the scene, and as soon as his whispered words reach Nagisa's ears, the other whips his head to look up at his boyfriend with a surprised look.
"Yeah. It's Rin-chan-san," he replies, with a tiny smile tugging at the corners of his lips. They decided on that given how unlikely it would be for Rei to just burst through their door at any given moment, but especially when they’re alone in the bedroom. "But Rin-chan, you kinda ruined it right now," he adds, with an amused giggle now rolling up his throat.
"I know," Rin finally admits. "It's just... I wasn't entirely comfortable with this, you know?"
Nagisa's thighs wrap around Rin's waist, and his smile widens slowly, while his fingers comb through smooth, maroon hair.
"I get it," he says, and then cups Rin's face pulling him down for a kiss. "I just... wanted to try feeling completely overpowered. But I'm sorry for the discomfort," he adds, with another, longer kiss.
"Well, you're into some weird shit, Nagisa," Rin mutters, and nibbles down on his lip ignoring Nagisa's guilty giggle. "Hey... do you mind if we just... do it normally, now?" He asks then, glancing down at his own rock hard dick. Admittedly, though, getting no rebellious behavior from Nagisa during the foreplay made dominating him kind of pointless this time around. He likes it when Nagisa fights back- or better yet, when he pretends to.
"O-kay~," Nagisa sings, settling himself better under him. "And then we cuddle," he reminds the other, but Rin needed no note of that at all.
"Of course. That's my favorite part," he replies, smiling and burying his nose against Nagisa's neck, breathing in the arousal and closing his eyes as he gives the soft skin there some tiny nibbles.
He fingers some wild curls on top of Nagisa’s head, distracted by them, but then magenta crystals glimmer up at him, impatient, and that is when he smiles, finally pushing himself in with a long, relieved groan.
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