06 March 2017 @ 12:15 pm
[FREE!] 2 ficcy reigisa  
Titolo: All I know is you're sure looking good in my shirt
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: commedia, un pochetto erotico ma giusto poco poco
Avvertimenti: pwp, future fic, in inglese
Parole: 300
Note: prima fic per la sesta settimana del COW-T! M3, con tema libero. Daje.

He’s been doing this for at least an hour now. Walking around the flat, wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt that brushes against his thighs with each step. Prancing around on his day off, walking in and out of Rei’s study to dust the desk off, or to make the bed, or to chat, calling for Rei’s attention each time.
Here’s the deal: he knows that they haven’t had sex in an entire week. He also knows that this is a busy time for Rei, yet he’s still trotting around the house, looking inviting and making Rei’s mind crash every time his scent fills the room, as his voice spreads with a chirp when he hums a melody.
The image of Nagisa’s parted legs and flushing face flashes in Rei's head every now and then, making hot shivers run up his spine. He’s doing it on purpose. Dammit.
Okay, fine.
At some point, Nagisa gets yanked the opposite way with a squeal as he walks right behind Rei’s chair, and Rei’s hand holds his wrist tight while his purple eyes stab him with a frostbiting stare.
“Are you trying to turn me on?” He murmurs, glancing at Nagisa’s naked legs again. The other’s eyelashes flutter in surprise, but his expression quickly turns to a cheeky one.
“Is it working?” He asks, softly, sitting on Rei’s leg to move closer. His scent wraps around Rei like a trap, one that Rei will always fall for. His warm, big hand slides up Nagisa’s thigh, disappearing under the edge of his soft cotton tee to touch him between his legs as his eyes feed off the pleasured flush in the smaller male’s, and forgets about everything else.
“I’ll take a break,” he whispers, sealing the deal with a kiss. And Nagisa smiles, victorious.

Titolo: You took me like a cancer and turned my conscience black
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: horror, erotico, romantico (a modo suo lol)
Avvertimenti: AU, gore, pwp, in inglese, death, OOC
Parole: 1361
Note: questa è per la M1, con prompt "demonio".

Drop. Drop. Drop.
Pearls of thick red blood fall down on the floor, slow, dictating a partition in the flow of time and forming a puddle on the wooden floor, as he stands in the middle of the room with his hands immersed in blood. A long sharp knife is still being held, still pointing at the hole from where blood keeps pouring out, from the naked body sprawled on the bed. Blood smears his arm up to his shoulder, where traces of fingers still hang onto his white shirt, with rips where the nails scratched uselessly. His dark pants also appear wet with something juicy, as he looms over the dead body, with his eyes still flashing in rage; his hair disheveled and breath short from the fury and effort of holding a full grown man down while ripping into him over and over, until he stopped moving.
Nagisa was meant to meet the man, today. He’d grown particularly insistent, lately, saying he wanted to spend more time with Nagisa, that he would have paid even more, and days previously he’d flashed a blade upon hearing that Nagisa didn’t want to be involved with the guy anymore, and that he would be calling the police. Nagisa knew this would happen at some point, given his ethereal, pure looks and his apparently fragile body. Easy to handle. Easy to defile. A smile that’s easy to ruin and a childish laughter that would call any twisted man into trying to smear impurity on him.
So the moment he entered the room, he was already preparing himself, holding a puff of annoyance back. But he stopped every movement when he saw the horrid scene before him.
“R-Rei-chan?” He finally stammered, leaning against the door frame, and began stepping forward as if speaking that name out loud had unfrozen his body. His vision was swimming, but there was one landmark to guide his steps: a trail to Rei’s solid, strong body which was ready to welcome him.
Rei also seemed to be shaken out of his state the moment he heard that lovely, soft voice. His head immediately whipped to look, and his empty eyes melted, warm when they focused on the beautiful, lithe figure of the young man he loved with the rapture of a poet.
The knife fell down to the floor as he opened his arms wide, and welcomed the small angel between them, treasured the spark of relief holding onto it with his red hands and a sharp sigh, while mouthing Nagisa’s name through his lover’s blond curls, a rare sight for this city.
“It’s over now,” he whispered, kissing the other’s head. “It’s over, he won’t scare you anymore.”
His hands cupped Nagisa’s cheeks smearing them with blood, and the little prostitute looked up with a trembling lip until he finally nodded, reassured, and went on his toes so that their mouths could meet and mold together in a long kiss, until Nagisa stood up straight recovering from his shock, and leaned his body against Rei’s for a bit, looking deep in thought.
And then his arms moved again. He slowly began undressing and shrugged his light, flowered yukata off, letting it fall down on top of the knife and revealing the completely naked, gracious body underneath.
“This is the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me,” Nagisa hummed with a smile, moving closer. “I want us to make love.”
“We should flee,” Rei objected, stuttering like an idiot, as he was faced with the other’s big magenta eyes and round angelic face, but Nagisa’s hands were already trailing down his stomach, settling onto Rei’s hips, suggesting that they really wanted to move lower.
“There is time for that,” he replied, nuzzling into the taller’s neck and leaving kisses there. His lips lowered, slowly, while his fingers undid the buttons of Rei’s shirt one by one, allowing him to drop light, ghostly kisses upon a firm and muscly chest, and a tense stomach that seemed to only be able to relax under the light touch of Nagisa’s mouth. Next, he unfastened the belt before pulling Rei’s pants down a little, he nuzzled his nose and delicately pressed his open mouth against the hardening crotch, licking the fabric that was still hiding Rei’s already throbbing sex.
“Nagisa-kun…” Rei tried again, weak, looking down in a daze at the beautiful, naked young demon worshiping his cock and licking his lips with pure hunger flashing in his eyes, now. The innocent little angel had his wings torn away a long time ago. He simply forgot he was in disguise.
“Fuck my mouth,” Nagisa ordered, firm but gentle. “Fuck my mouth with the same rage you put into killing him. Show me.”
Rei’s hands hesitated, as his underwear was being pulled down. The situation was a risk, anyone could notice the situation. It made his heart thump with fear. But also it made his blood rush faster and his mind slower, and Nagisa’s eyes issued an order he could not disobey. His fingers slowly ran through Nagisa’s golden locks, then, and the other’s eyes already drooped in anticipation, while his mouth dropped open.
Rei brushed his finger against Nagisa’s lip, holding it open while he moved a bit closer, slowly sliding his cock inside of that warm, wet mouth, and finally he grabbed Nagisa’s head with both hands, smearing that perfumed, clean hair with dark blood, dirtying the sides of his face, but Nagisa kept his eyes closed and opened his throat, without a care for proof being smeared all over him. If anything, the smell of blood only made his desire burn hotter.
Pleasure shot through Rei’s body immediately. The warmth of Nagisa’s mouth engulfed him right away, and the subtle flicks of his tongue teased at him, caressed him and eased his way deep down Nagisa’s throat swallowing around him with wet choking sounds, and yet he did not seem to mind. He never did. His shoulders relaxed and his eyes closed, while he abandoned himself between Rei’s wet hands kneeling on the floor and just letting Rei inside, over and over, humming his approval and riling the other up into thrusting harder and harder, with sweet muffled sounds running up his throat, and vibrating through Rei’s body, but choked out and broken.
His eyes opened slowly, when he felt Rei’s cock violating his mouth out of control, knowing that he must have stopped thinking about anything, about the corpse lying on the hotel room, about what he’d done. He hoped the sight from up there was as beautiful as the way Rei’s cock shoved down his throat felt.
They lay on the floor, while semen ran between Nagisa’s thighs and dirtied the floor, mixing up with cold blood and sweat, until the blond prostitute rolled on top of Rei's spent body, with a gentle smile and blood darkening their clothes.
“Let’s clean up. Then we’ll get rid of it,” he whispered, softly, kissing Rei’s cheek and sliding a leg between Rei’s, playful. They should have escaped way earlier. This was not safe. They should leave now. But Rei hummed, with a nod.
“We’ll be on the run,” he pointed out, standing up.
“I don’t care. As long as they don’t catch you, I don’t care. And if they do, I’ll kill them,” Nagisa replied, with a smile and a sigh. “I love you, Rei-chan.”
Rei smiled, soft and tender, with the warmth of a bonfire in the middle of winter.
“I’ll make sure you won’t have to sleep with this filth anymore, Nagisa-kun,” he hummed, grabbing his hand. Hopefully, nobody would notice the stench of death before they would finish cleaning up and getting dressed, before they put some safe distance between them and that cold dead body.
As they left the city on a cab, their eyes locked and a silent oath was exchanged between their hearts. This was a secret. They were bound by it forever, now. And as their hands joined quietly, they both smiled with a flush to their faces while looking outside, looking like two lovestruck fools eloping for the very first time.