11 March 2017 @ 11:07 pm
Titolo: temptation
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Personaggi: Iwaizumi/Oikawa
Genere: commedia, erotico
Avvertimenti: pwp, future fic, in inglese
Parole: 1184
Note: M1, prompt "demonio".

Of course Oikawa is soaking wet. He waltzed outside with a quick step this morning, completely ignoring Hajime's words warning him that the sky announced heavy rain, and that he should very much likely grab an umbrella on the way out. Why does that guy never listen? Why is it always so hard to make him do perfectly reasonable things?
"I told you to bring an umbrella," Iwaizumi grumbles, but steps aside anyway. It's not like he'd really expected to get listened to, anyway.
"Well, I didn't think it would rain this badly! Iwa-chan, warm me up?" Tooru starts out, immediately stepping closer with his arms open wide. So he did think it would rain. So he did listen. So he did know it would be better to bring an umbrella, but he just went outside without simply to do the exact opposite of something Hajime said? So typical, and so infuriating, Hajime almost smacks him on the head, but then (barely) holds himself back.
"Are you kidding? Dry up first," Hajime replies, with a frown. "Come here," he adds, leading him to the cupboard where they keep the towels and other toiletries. "Here," he says, throwing one over Tooru's head. "Take a shower and change your clothes."
Tooru seems to think differently. He steps closer, with a pleading look, and sticks his lip out.
"But Iwa-chan... I really want a hug... I'm so cold!" He complains, with a whine, grabbing Hajime's hand. "Come on, pleeeease?"
Hajime glares at him, silently. He really shouldn't humor Tooru, especially if he wants to train him properly and avoid these situations again, but as everyone else already pointed out, he's a huge softie and Tooru knows exactly what buttons he should press to make Hajime bend to his will. And Hajime knows exactly what it is that Tooru does. Anyway, in the end he scoffs and opens his arms in unwilling acceptance. Because it's always like this.

"Okay, fine. I'll just get my clothes soaked..." he finally mutters, in a passive aggressive, self-victimizing tone, but not even hoping that Tooru will care- and, indeed, he throws himself between Hajime's arms. It's so warm and comfortable, when he hugs Iwa-chan, and he always makes sure to show how pleasant the proximity is. Hajime does not look like he feels the same way, but Tooru peeks up at him quickly, knowing it's all simply an act, before his hands travel down, until they cup the other's crotch. That makes Hajime jump slightly, and then his blood instantly boil, his hands tremble but he keeps them aligned to his sides. Because it's really not in his plans to also fuck the living shit out of Oikawa, especially because he's so wet and he really should dry up and get changed...
"Shittykawa," Hajime warns him, tensing up, but the hand teasing him stays there, then it begins rubbing, in slow knowing circles, while Tooru begins licking at Hajime's lips and kissing his neck, soft, tantalizing. Goddamn demon.
Hajime seems to hold back a while, trying his best to resist at least once, until he finally shoves Tooru against the door. How is it that he always gets his way, no matter what Hajime says? And why does it seem that Hajime doesn't really mind it that much anyway? It's infuriating. It's unfair. It gives Tooru an advantage he shouldn't have, by all means.
But still, Hajime doesn't stop halfway. Tooru got him there, and he'll see it to the end. It doesn't take him much to undress Tooru furiously, fighting against the stickiness of his clothes while the other revels in it, and finally- when both of them are naked- he growls on Tooru's lips: "I'm not going to be gentle. You teased me, now you're gonna take it all."
Tooru grins, with mischief flashing in his eyes. "Sounds good," he purrs, wrapping his arms around Hajime's neck. "Fuck me, Iwa-chan."
Hajime hates himself for letting himself get played this easily every single time, but what can he do? That man is a devil, and Hajime may be strong against many temptations, but this isn't one of them. It never was.
He attacks Tooru's neck, slamming him against the door once more, pinning his wrists against it with a physically painful slam, and starts devouring Tooru's lips right away, luring his tongue out with little flicks of his own, and then lets go of his wrists to grasp at Tooru's messy wet hair, then trail down to pinch at his nipples, pulling hard to make it ache, until Tooru whines. But it seems like the pain is not enough to make him change his mind. As soon as he opens his eyes, he wraps up Hajime between his arms, moving his waist in fast, deep rolls against the other's junk, teasing more and more overtly until the two of them are dry humping each other against the door, and it shakes resisting to their combined weigh pounding against it.
"I'd say it's better to go on the bed," Tooru whispers, but Hajime grunts in disagreement, and his mind shows to be entirely empty right now. As if he'd manage to make his brain work well enough to make his legs move all the way there. Not now, not when Oikawa's scent is so strong and not when he's in this state. He moves his hands down from Tooru's nipples to his abdomen and then down to his fully erect cock, and his hands don't waste time in beginning to slide up and down the other's body until he leans forward, until he forgets why he'd started all of it, at all. Until his voice breaks in stutters of Iwa-chan, Iwa-chan.
Hajime regains his rational thoughts in time to see Tooru's face relax when he comes, his cheeks become dark red and his lips open in a display of pleasure that makes him look like a beautiful devil, one that's fully aware of its beauty. One of those legendary creatures that lure men into sex, into all kinds of shady business.

Tooru leans against Hajime after coming down from his high, panting and laughing softly, before looking up and kissing the other, uncaring of the fact that he came all over Hajime's freshly washed pants (which is something else Hajime will hate him for later).
"Now will you fucking get washed and dressed?" Hajime growls, grabbing at a handful of Tooru's hair. "Or do I have to tie you up and deny you?"
Tooru seems to think about that alternative a bit too long, but eventually he does smirk and nod, with a sigh. "Fiiiine, I'll go," he replies, leaving a kiss on Hajime's cheek. "Thanks for the warm-up, Iwa-chan~"
On the other hand, Hajime looks down at his clothes, ignoring the raging boner in his pants: they're all wet. Fantastic. Not only Tooru managed getting on every one of Hajime's nerves at the same time, he also managed to get him wet and dirty without offering any kind of satisfaction in exchange.
Why did Hajime accept Tooru in his life, again?
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