20 March 2017 @ 04:03 pm
Titolo: endlessly
Fandom: Free!
Pairing: Nagisa/Rei
Genere: fluff
Avvertimenti: AU, in inglese
Parole: 643
Note: Credo sarà l'ultima fic per questo COW-T. Non c'ho più cazzi da dare njnjnhgfhjg
M7 aka "immortalità".

Immortality is a bitch. At least that's what Rei thought, sitting in his warm yet quaint, boring house somewhere in the countryside, staring daggers from the windows - with boredom oozing from every pore, and darkness wrapped up around him. A whole eternity like this, constantly waiting for something to happen, but it never did. Waiting for someone to come along and break through the loneliness and the static. Waiting for something to waste his limitless time and all the money his family had on. And they never did.
Sounds like a nightmare, except it's the one he's living in.
However, sunshine burst through his heavily draped windows, taking form in a boy, a small ball of heat with unsettling magenta eyes, sitting on his lap, curled up against his chest. He never seems to snuggle close enough for his own needs, sometimes he whines from the frustration of now being able to press himself against Rei enough to be incorporated in him, but he burrows his face as much as he can against Rei's neck, soft and cozy, humming into the pleasant feeling of Rei's arms wrapped around him. Not too tight, though- never too much. And the moment Nagisa appeared from somewhere out in the street, announcing he got bitten too as if it was something funny and pulling the curtains off the window, that is when Rei's gaze finally dropped on something new. Something that might be entertaining enough to think maybe immortality was not a curse but the richest opportunity, and not something to hate; something that might bring back his impression that being a vampire was the best thing that could ever happen, before it became a pain to endure endlessly. And he never really thought of going outside - what if he bites people, and what if people push him away, and what if his friends get picked off one by one with the passing of time?
But Nagisa is immortal too. He asked to be used as comfort, offered some company and all he wanted back was to not be laughed at. Rei can do that. He can welcome a noisy small boy in his old family's house, and hold him close as the only source of sanity he's found. He can hold Nagisa close, inhale his scent, brush his own fingers against the eternal boy's warm skin and feel it smooth forever, in exchange for his time, listening to him, and maybe- but only maybe- give him a fragment of himself. Because there's no way he would give his heart away lightly, the heart is not something that can be given away like that, not when you're living forever.
But Nagisa doesn't seem to ask for more. Just company for the night, someone else to spend time curled up against, someone that won't leave him alone like many others did, either intentionally or simply because of their mortality. Rei's wishes feed on the same things, and that is everything that's shaking in his chest when he dives his fingers through Nagisa's curls, soft and with a good scent on them.
"Let's go out tonight," Nagisa hums, muffled against Rei's chest, with his eyes barely open, too pleased with the sensation of his hair being pet gently. It's the kind of feeling he's been hunting for a lifetime.
"And do what?" Rei asks, with an arm looped around Nagisa's back as the other rocks on him quiet, more out of unrest than sexual teasing.
"Dunno. Something," Nagisa replies, beaming up at Rei's purple dots in the middle of the airy, lighted room. Once he would have scoffed at such vagueness, but now he smiles, fixing his glasses on top of his nose.
"Fair enough," he says, with some quiet amusement in his voice. If it keeps going like this, he might change his opinion on immortality.
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