Titolo: It all comes tumbling down
Fandom: Yuri! On Ice
Personaggi: Yuuri/Viktor
Genere: erotico, romantico
Avvertimenti: light BDSM, pwp, post-series, in inglese
Parole: 872
Note: per la seconda settimana delle BWW @ [livejournal.com profile] maridichallenge a tema BDSM/non-con/dub-con :3
Titolo random perché non avevo cazzi di pensare a qualcosa di meglio XDDD

His voice trembles, just a bit, enough for Yuuri to know he is doing something right. Not enough to make others hear. 
After all, Viktor built a mask for himself. A heavy, worn-out, yet still functional one. But Yuuri is testing him, with his mouth gliding around Viktor's cock, softly, warm and wet enough to give him pleasure and yet not enough for him to really be able to feel it all. Yuuri's throat is deeper down and Viktor is only getting a cruel taunt of it, with Yuuri pulling back when he knows it's getting good. 
And his fingers form a ring now around the elder's sex, slide up and down making a poor substitute for the humid, soft warmth, but Yuuri's eyes seem to swallow him whole nonetheless. 
It's one of those times when Viktor looks at his lover's face and sees the confident Romeo again, the one who fiercely stole him from the world, the one who kept him close and dug deep within him to show him it was time to stop playing according to someone else's rules. 
Yuuri's eyes got dark, thirsty, and his lips curl in a satisfied, lopsided smile. 
"Yes, Vitya?" He croons feigning innocence, and his grasp on Viktor softens even more, his fingers barely brushing along his length as the satisfied smile he's wearing grows. 
"I wanna cum," Viktor demands squirming in the complex and careful web of ropes Yuuri trapped him in, and thrusting as much as possible into the other's hand. 
"You're at my mercy," Yuuri reminds him, and then his grin widens. Viktor's lips also stretch in a smile of amusement for a moment, knowing that both are enjoying the wait in similar ways. 
"I know, I am," Viktor says low, and gives out a little sigh. 
"... Please?"
Yuuri knows that look, the little humble (thus, quite fake) pout drawn all over Viktor's face. And he's so cute like this. The flush on his cheeks suits him so well, Yuuri does think he should take charge more often in moments like these. Viktor looks lovely. Beautiful the way he's always been, and will never stop being. 
"Do you want to cum in my mouth?" Yuuri asks with a boldness he would not show in any other moment. It makes Viktor's spine tingle hard with shivers. 
"Yesplease," Viktor breathes out, stretching his neck to search for Yuuri's lips, suddenly needy and aching and really at Yuuri's mercy. The tension in his insides burns up harsher, out of the blue, and his eyes glimmer in frustration. "I'm your bitch, Yuuri," he adds without thinking. 
Yuuri's eyes blow wide at that, and for a moment he stills with his fingers still delicately wrapped around Viktor's cock. But then a strong flush goes up his cheeks before, finally, laughter erupts from his mouth.
"Oh Vitya!" 
Viktor's face also goes all red and burning hot all of a sudden, and if that was not embarrassing enough the knowledge he's tied up like salami adds up to the pile of things that need to be handled carefully before they become comical and ruin the moment. 
But it's not all bad. Yuuri leans into him and smiles all loving, pressing a kiss on his mouth and running his other hand's fingers through silver, fluffy hair. 
"That was a bit too blunt, eh?" Viktor hums, trying to ignore the ache between his thighs as he can. 
"Yes, it was. But okay, okay," Yuuri finally concedes, grabbing on Viktor's hot length again and starting to pump in earnest while observing the kaleidoscope of expressions finally peaking into a climax on Viktor's face, with their sum and synthesis erupting with a long, heavy grunt while white hot drops spill into Yuuri's wrist and Viktor's waist jumps a few times. 
It all comes tumbling down but the landing is soft, as both fall back on the mattress and Yuuri begins undoing the knots that punctuate and connect all around Viktor's body.
"What a good boy, Vitya. You are my treasure, my love," Yuuri whispers in his ear in a somewhat uncertain and still rough Russian - although anyone else will admit it, even Yurio: he's getting a lot better at it -, and as soon as Viktor's still trembling hands are free he wraps his arms around Yuuri, holding him close. 
"That felt... amazing." Viktor whispers, nuzzling his head against Yuuri's. "You are amazing, Yuuri. Your Russian got so much better..." It almost sounds like a whine despite being the opposite. 
"But you still need to work on it. That accent was not even remotely good enough," he adds, looking up at Yuuri with a stretched out smile. The one that looks nice while he says things that are the opposite of it. 
"Y-yeah, I know... 'm working on it," Yuuri replies, nestling against him and flushing all pink. "I'll get better."
"I'm sure of that," Viktor continues, brushing his fingertips up and down Yuuri's spine before looking down at him and smirking. 
"You are not satisfied, though," he notices from the hardness pressing against his thigh. Yuuri looks down with some red embarrassment, silent but not denying it. Viktor grins, maybe already planning something...
"Let's fix that then."
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